A World of Luxury & Hospitality Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:53:34

Dar Al Eiman manages 14 hotels of different star rating categories, ranging from 5, 4 & 3 stars, in the cities of Makkah & Madinah. Besides, Dar Al Eiman has a number of room allotments in the most notable hotels in both Makkah & Madinah, which makes Dar Al Eiman, a leading company, investing in the hospitality & travel industry in Saudi Arabia.

Testimonials Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:55:30

Dear Br. G. Saidi, We are glad to share with you some valuable testimonials, received from our distinguished clients. We value your comments & feedback and we will be more than happy to receive your testimonials by email on: sales@daraleiman.com.sa

2008 Umrah Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:55:37

Al salam alaikoum wa rahmet Allah wa barakatuh. The Umrah under Dar Al Eiman’s supervision, care & direction was beyond our expectations. Your high service standards resolved all sorts of difficulties in a timely record manner. When my mother's health took a slight turn for the worse, your concerned phone calls & prompt actions helped me cope in this difficult time; and when any question came to my mind, you were always there to promptly answer it. In short, it felt as if you were sincerely watching our back, providing support & comfort. We never imagined that such Umrah journey can possibly be that easy & pleasant. Only Allah, Almighty, can sufficiently reward you for your efforts towards the comfort of His people. May Allah accept your deeds and may He include you among His favourites and bless you with His Mercy, Amen. Yasmin Hamdan

Thank You! Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:55:42

Dear Br. Saidi, I would like to thank you and Dar Al Eiman team for a wonderful Hajj experience. My brother, my cousins, and myself had a fantastic journey and we were blessed to be part of such an amazing group of people. Thank you and Sheik Abdul Jalil for your leadership. I have been recommending your company to everyone I know. Thank you, Mona Ebrahimi

2007 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:55:47

Br. Saidi, My wife and I, we sincerely ask Allah that you will be abundantly rewarded for your excellent & enjoyable Hajj program. We thank you for your tolerance, great patience & prompt assistance whenever we needed help. We also thank you for all the great overviews, letters & e-mails you have sent in the process of preparing us for Hajj and giving us a very clear picture of what we will be going through in the Hajj program. It was a thorough & complete set of instructions that fully prepared us for the Hajj, from all aspects. My wife and I, we conclude that the trip we took with Dar Al Eiman to perform Hajj is the best thing that has happened to us in more than 27 years, living in the USA. We cannot stop talking about it & can never forget the joy we felt in every part of the Hajj program. Although we had to walk a lot, with very little sleep & we were feeling exhausted most of the time, yet all the tiredness we have been through was still sweet, enjoyable & extremely rewarding, both spiritually & physically. With the help of Allah, the brothers in Dar Al Eiman spared no efforts in order to make our trip go very smooth. We understand that the mission and the tasks that the organizers go through are tremendously tiring and there are tons of matters, which must be coordinated in order for the Hajj process to be executed properly. Al Hamdulellah, we did not have a problem throughout the whole process of Hajj. What someone might consider a problem, we considered it part of the Hajj process, little incidents must happen, simply because it is Hajj & Allah made it that way. Please keep up the good work. I have talked to some of my friends who went to Hajj with other companies, and I can tell you that you are doing a GREAT JOB. Sincerely, Abdul Magid Omar, Abu Osama & My wife Um Osama From Chicago

2007 Hajj Br. Saidi, Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:56:06

Br. Saidi,Jazak Allah khairan for an amazing Hajj experience. Allah has made it very easy for us. You & your wife did an excellent job, accommodating us and taking care of us. Subhan Allah, the job that you do is outstanding and you have handled it excellently. You will be well rewarded Insha’Allah. May Allah give you, your wife, and all your colleagues, the best of rewards and place you among the best of His creations on the day of judgement. The Hajj experience I had this year was excellent, I pray in the future that Allah grant me another Hajj but if that cannot happen, then I can surely say that this Hajj made me feel a great satisfaction. It was good & fulfilling Al hamdulillah. May Allah accept it from us Insha’Allah. Please do keep in touch, as we will be. Your wife is an amazing person & we plan to come back soon Insha’Allah. Do take care. God bless you & your family. Jazak Allah Khairan Sr. Nilofer Din

2006/2007 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:56:23

Dear Br. Saidi, We hope that you are doing well & that you have recovered from the Hajj journey. Just a small note to thank you for everything you have done. It is a very difficult job! We appreciate everything that you did to make our journey easy. Al hamdulillah, we are happy that we were able to make it to Hajj this year & it was a wonderful experience for us. Al Salaam Alaikum, Fahumiya, Sammy and Azaam Samad From San Diego - California

2006/2007 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:56:31

To: Dar Al Eiman For Hajj & Umrah Al Salam Alaikoum Wa Rahmet Allah….. I thank Allah for providing my wife & I, with a good health & the means to complete one of Allah’s obligations and I ask for His forgiveness. May Allah accept our Hajj and shower us with His mercy and blessings, Insha’Allah. I’d like to express my appreciation & gratitude to Dar Al Eiman’s management for its dedication, sincerity and hard work to accomplish its mission. I declared the intention to perform this Hajj journey, with patience and understanding of the sacrifices, and Allah made it easy & successful. My wife was terribly sick in Makkah after the first Umrah before Hajj. She was taken to two different hospitals in Makkah but still she was not feeling any better. Her health situation has reached a stage where she was insisting to go back to the USA without performing Hajj. I was literally in tears all that time and asking for Allah’s help. Next day, I went down to speak to Br. Ahmed Shadeed, one of Dar Al Eiman’s partners, to help us return back to the USA. This was a test for us from Allah. When I explained the health condition of my wife to Br. Ahmed, he immediately made fast arrangements to bring a physician to the hotel. Within an hour, the medical treatment had started to work for my wife and Al Hamdullilallah, she started to recover very fast. With trust in Allah, and the help from Dar Al Eiman’s team, we were able to smoothly perform all the rituals of Hajj, without any health issues. There were more improvements in the operations this year than in 1999. I sincerely request that Dar Al Eiman puts an evaluation page on its website, so that the pilgrims can post their comments & feedback after their pilgrimage experience for future improvements. May Allah reward you for your effort. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you. Bahauddin Bade' & Family

2005 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:56:50

Dear Br. & Sister Saidi, Al salam alaikoum wa rahmet Allah and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. I miss our Hajj trip! I wish I could go back again. I did recommend you to several friends. We had a great time over there. Our imam was wonderful. May Allah reward all of your team. You did an outstanding job to make sure that our trip was comfortable. Please remember us in your prayers. Our salaam to your family. Please do not hesitate to use our names as a reference. Al Salam Alaikoum, Sattar & Lily Lodhi

2004 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:03

Al Salam Alaikoum Wa Rahmet Allah Wa Barakatuh…. I just want to share with you the wonderful experience we had in Hajj. First of all, praise & glory to Allah who made this Hajj such an easy journey. Without Allah’s guidance and help, we would not have been able to complete this part of our religion. Secondly, I would like to thank Dar Al Eiman’s Hajj Company; they made our trip very comfortable and very easy. Dar Al Eiman’s accommodations throughout the Hajj journey were the best and we greatly appreciate them. Dar Al Eiman’s team was very kind, generous, hospitable, and very caring for all the group members. The team helped us through our spiritual journey as well, by sharing and touring different religious sites. Jazaku Allah kheir again for the wonderful experience and if you ever need any references, please feel free to give our email address aseemmujt@aol.com. May Allah reward Dar Al Eiman Company for its wonderful accommodations, its help and continuous efforts to make this obligation as easy as possible Aseem & Rabya Asrar Mujtaba

1997 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:13

It was with Allah's grace that I participated in the 1997 Dar Al Eiman’s Hajj trip. I was very much impressed; Allah is my witness, with the dedication and honesty of Dar Al Eiman's team. The team delivered much more than what was promised. May Allah bless them for their care, honesty & service. Your programs were very well executed and this made the Hajj very easy & enjoyable. Keep up the good work. Farook J.Kidawai, MD - Michigan

1998 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:21

Our Hajj trip was very well organised and everything went very smooth. Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate your dedication to every pilgrim in the group and your personal handling of every detail and stage of the Hajj. We know that you exerted extra efforts to make our journey to/from Makkah pleasant and rewarding. The accommodations in Madinah & Makkah were perfect. We have nothing but praise for Dar Al Eiman and we have recommended you to all our friends. Very truly yours, Dr. Othman Shmesia & His Wife - West Lake Ohio

1999 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:34

I would like to thank Dar Al Eiman for all the exerted efforts and help, which were given to us. I appreciated the good and fast service that we had during the trip. Ali Al Masrani

2000 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:50

I just want to thank you for every thing you have done for us during this Hajj trip. It was the most memorable & enjoyable trip of my life. Money is not a substitute for such a spiritual enlightenment. I appreciated everything you and your team have done for all of us. When you have to fit your schedule to 2 million other people, no doubt, problems are bound to happen but over all, I am forever grateful to you and your organization. Please convey my thanks to your team. I don't know all of their names or their faces but it is better for Allah to reward them in secret. They were all excellent in everything they did. I appreciated many lectures & directions, from Sheiks Hanuti, Abu Ibrahim, Saleh, Anwar and many others, given during the trip. May Allah compensate all of you for your hard work & dedication. I love you for the sake of Islam. Well, save a space for me in the future! I will certainly go with you and your organization again if time allows it. Habib Hassan

2000 Hajj Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:58:43

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dar Al Eiman for providing us with an excellent Hajj tour. Everything was well arranged & organized and we were sometimes provided with accommodations, which were even better than what was promised. The gift of a beautiful Quran was a pleasant surprise. The food was excellent and the transportations were quite satisfactory. I have recommended Dar Al Eiman to my friends and will continue to do so in the future. Please keep up the good work.p> Please convey my thanks to your team. I don't know all of their names or their faces but it is better for Allah to reward them in secret. They were all excellent in everything they did. Dr. Ibrahim Mulla.