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Islamicity – Global Muslim Community

Islamic Finder - Duas, Prayers’ Time, Islamic Calendar & Quran Recitals


Qibla Locator – Qibla Identification

Holy Mosques General Presidency Website – Information On the Holy Mosque (Al Masjid Al Haram) & The Prophet’s Mosque (Al Masjid Al Nabawi), Sunnas, Quran Recitals, Fatwas, Newsfeeds & Electronic Services

Qlock – World Clock, Daily Foreign Exchange Rates & Alarms Set Up

Ministry Of Hajj & Umrah – Information On The Ministry, Its Mission & Goals, Hajj & Umrah Services, Campaigns and News & Media

Saudi Commission For Tourism & National Heritage – Information On The Commission, Its Strategy, Mission & Goals, Touristic Investments, Activities & Events, Tourism Product Development and News & Media

Mubashir News – Newsfeeds On Politics, Business, Economy, Sports, Arts, Celebrities, Culture & Education

Bookings, reviews and advice on hotels & resorts, flights, vacation rentals, travel packages, and lots more!


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